LACDR Institute Council

The LACDR Institute Council offers the LACDR Management Team sollicited and unsollicited advice on various matters of policy. If you have any matters you would like to bring to the attention of the Institute Council, do not hesitate to contact one of their members.

 The current LACDR Institute Council members and their contact details are:

* Liesbeth de Lange - Associate Professor - Division of Pharmacology
* Laura Heitman - Assistant Professor - Division of Medicinal Chemistry
* Sylvia Blind - Lecturer
Jantine Brussee - Postdoc Pharmacology
* Peter Lindenburg - Postdoc - Analytical Biosciences (chairman)
* Rawi Ramautar - Postdoc - Analytical Biosciences
* Ine Tijdens - Technician - Division of Toxicology
* Ahmad Sediq - PhD candidate Drug Delivery Technology
* Christophe Mombers - student

The Institute Council has regular meetings with the LACDR Management Team  and convenes approximately once per 3 months.

Notes from these meetings are available for LACDR employees (login bottom right before accessing the link).

Paragraph 47 and 48 from "facultair reglement" decribe the responsibilities of the Institute Council in more detail. Below you can find these paragraphs as well as an English Translation.

Faculty of Science - Faculty Council
The Faculty Council is a similar structure available for issues concerning the entire Faculty of Science.