New dimension acronym LACDR

Naam LACDR 2012.jpg

LACDR, which was previously known as the acronym for Leiden / Amsterdam Center for Drug Research, has been given a new dimension. The research groups in Leiden will continue to operate under a new name using the same acronym: Leiden Academic Centre for Drug Research. The change follows from new agreements made between Leiden University and the VU University Amsterdam. LACDR is the research institute for Biopharmaceutical Sciences at the Faculteit of Science.

After years of working together in the field of innovative drug research both universities have decided to create room for new cooperation possibilities with other research facilities and universities. The cooperation in the area of the joint research school, which includes the PhD training programme, will remain unchanged.

The general direction for LACDR has changed slightly as well. The LACDR will focus more on the fundamental aspects of the research towards discovery and development of novel drugs. The LACDR research activities will be clustered along the themes “Drug Target Discovery” and “Systems Pharmacology”, and use a systems approach to drug research, thereby optimising the tools to answer research questions which require an interdisciplinary approach.